Two Factor Authentication

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Two-factor simply means that there has to be something else other than a password entered when you log into a web site. Try this explanation by Brit Christopher Bernatt, missing the 1970’s Open University BBC 2 late spots, then he’s our man.

Common UK sites and sites that you might use offering this now are:

  • All the High Street Banks
  • (, email systems)

You can also find a comprehensive global list here at

OK here’s the kicker, if you watched Christopher’s video if you still do not understand how it works. Then you should have been using yesterday.

You will not find a Geek not using it.

Here’s the example, you’ll still meet Doctor’s who enjoy a crafty cigarette or maybe have a class A problem, you know – you see the odd documentary on TV.

But you won’t find any IT or person involved in the Computer Industry that does not have two factor enabled on every account they possibly can.

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