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Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of ’everyyear.

If I could offer you only one tip for the future, GMail would be it. The long term benefits of GMail have been proved by geeks whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience.

Approximately every two weeks since 2011, I will get a customer call from someone who uses Yahoo! or BT Internet to tell me that their email has been hacked. Shock horror, oh no.

Why GMail?

If email has been foxing you and you feel frustrated that’s it all got out of control, then you need GMail. GMail has been the superior email platform almost since Google introduced it. This session is for those that do not have a GMail account.

You will need:

  • A laptop
  • A mobile phone – just one which is yours, it doesn’t have to be fancy
  • Your diary

Filtering and Labels in GMail

Having got a GMail account people often struggle to drive it and are unaware of how much an hour of setting it up will tame your email almost forever.

  • Folders in Gmail – Labels
  • How to create filters – automated filing

Accessing external POP3 from withing GMail

Email, got more accounts than Mr Nice had passports? You’ve got a Hotmail, two Yahoo! and a

Which means you THINK you cannot cancel you Internet account and choose another, having found that you are locked into their ridiculously expensive 18 months contract, when you realise you’ve been had and you’ve been being had for 10 years. Paying an exorbitant amount for what seems eternity – thinking you could never leave btinternet / TalkTalk / Tiscali / Other Overseas Call Centre Internet Service Provider.

The Catch

How did you get in this position? Because you started using the “free” email account that came with the account and everybody you know has it. But you can change internet server provide, GMail allows you to collect from your current email address and over the period of a year you can keep informing friends who don’t update their address books with your new GMail address. You’ll even be able to tell who they are.

Internet Service Providers

Whereas there are a brace of UK based companies, offering better deals with NO contract lock-ins and ethically driven. The Co-op, PlusNet, Utility Warehouse – these companies for example all employ UK call centre staff only, some of these even offer one month notice period contracts with minimal cancellation fees.

This course assumes:

  • You have a GMail account
  • You MUST bring the webmail username and passwords to all the accounts you need to tame
    • If you do not know these details – please let Sophia know at the time of booking

You will additionally learn:

  • What changing Internet Service Provider involves
  • What is a broadband username and password
  • What is a WiFi identifier and password

How to cope with computer passwords and identity theft

aka Passwords and more

You will need:

  • Your laptop
  • Your diary

You will learn about:

  • Password Management Utilities
  • Good password practice
  • Why a good email password is so important
  • Identity theft – how to protect yourself


Website passwords


  1. Change you password on your Yahoo! based account, following the advice on this page website passwords
  2. Create a GMail account – click hereuse your new found password creation knowledge young grasshopper
  3. Go to the “gears” icon top right, click, drop-down appears, select “Settings”
  4. Click on “Accounts” (which is now along the top)
  5. Click on “Add a POP3 mail account you own”
  6. Follow the instructions and add your Yahoo!/hotmail/live/BT/whatever email

If you cannot follow these, just give me a call.

Cheers Mark 07855 129142

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