Outlook and Mail, think logically – why would you use them?

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People often ask me about Outlook and Microsoft Mail in all it’s forms and I always say, “sorry I don’t support any of them, I only support GMail”

  • Your past email is on your PC or laptop
  • If you have it installed on multiple machines, then your sent mail is in multiple places
  • If you upgrade your computer exporting to a new has always been a painful process
  • Backing up is not something people remember to do
  • Eventually if you keep using Outlook or Mail, or for that matter Mail on a Mac – they will corrupt themselves. People unknowing accumulate 4 DVDs worth of email and wonder why their email no longer works
  • Most modern hard disks fail within 3 years

v GMail

  • You can see it and reply on ANY device you come across and see all your replies
  • Your email is held on 5 different locations in the world
  • You can choose to back it up or pay a month fee and get a third party company to do it
  • After you have created a GMail email address, GMail can be programmed to collect email from your old email address (up to 3 or so) but if your old email can forward and delete you can have hundreds of old email account coming in
  • Number one misconception you cannot use GMail offline, yes you can, there is a plug-in for it; strangely enough called GMail Offline



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