New to Windows 8? Classic Shell & Make a recovery disk

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Classic Shell 
If you are new to windows 8 – the first thing to do is to install Classic Shell & make a recovery disk.

Classic Shell turns you windows 8 into something that looks like windows 7 / XP

Make a recovery disk
Why? Because you don’t get one in the box in the more and you’ll regret it if you don’t.
The official way to do it is here:

But as usual there are a few missing bits…

  • If it says it needs a 16GB USB stick , it probably needs a 32GB USB stick as when a 16GB stick has been prepared it could be significantly smaller that the 16GB it says it needs
  • Before you start the creation process, see if you need a second USB stick in case you need to create a USB stick containing “drivers” for the machine
  • Next via the menus look for manufacturers approved route to make a recovery disk – do both the Microsoft route and the manufacturers route if you have a choice
  • Lastly put the USB stick in the rear of the machine if it’s a desktop (Don’t ask me why)

Here is quite a good video of the process

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