Why Linux

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Maybe better to start with what Linux is! It’s an operating system, much like Mac OS X, in that it’s from the same pedigree, based on something called Unix. An operating system is software that works above the physical hardware.

In essense it lets your computer look like a computer regardless of who manufacturered the computer or precisely which monitor it’s attached to. It could be a Acme, Dell, HP, IBM, Zoomstorm etc and it could be a attached to a small monitor or wall sized one. The operating system takes care of all that.

Linux systems though a slightly different to Mac’s again in that they support lot of PC brands, but Mac only supports Mac hardware.

  • Zero cost
  • Environmentally friendly – allows you to entend the life of a PC
  • Not prone to viruses
  • More things you plug into it work straight out of the box without any installs, like printers and cameras than a PC
  • Better for people who aren’t good at constant change – change between each version is slower than Windows or Mac. There has been only one look’n’feel change in ten years

Against Linux
It might take two clicks to run a Windows application you need for your business

Software support in some categories like a lack of decent Accountancy softare, but TurboCASH has been open sourced and although a windows program, it runs in WINE in Linux. WINE is environment you install in Linux which allows you to run may Windows applications. In fact it’s really hard to find Windows applications that won’t run under WINE and Linux!

Still addicted to Windows or Mac, or there’s an app you really cannot do without, like Sage Line 50 for your business. Then you can run VirtualBox and install Windows. This allows you to run any Windows application you need, in exactly the same way as using Parallels for the Mac, accept VirtualBox is free. But you would actually have to buy an OEM key for Windows on ebay for a whole £20, or peel if off the back of an old PC that been freshly installed at least three months for nothing.

So there are no reasons not to run Linux, unless you don’t care about the Planet, increased wastage of Rare Earth Metals and the energy costs it takes to manufacture, ship and market a new computer to you as the consummer.

Does it still seem too hard?
Tell you what, I’ll install Linux for free on an old PC for you, and if you need an hour learning how to configure and use OpenOffice to work completely smoothly with people who insist on using Microsoft Office. I’ll charge you £25 and give you an hour and half of my time.



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