Why has Amazon has pulled books on bomb making but still sells chemicals for thermite?

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Odd “news” item on Channel 4 News in the UK tonight, a feature length piece on Amazon’s “people who bought X” and also “bought Y” algorithm available to make thermite! Yes people – that’s lethal bomb making stuff.

So you start with the base chemical, enter that in Amazon and apparently it does the recommend thing. And yes it does!





Even after they have removed bomb making books. Which is a bit bonkers, this still works, so why?

Well for those read my last article about terrorist how-to’s and ISIS call to arms videos still being published on youtube.

Roll on those stupid terrorists who order this stuff on Amazon – you’re address, credit card details and every other data footprint is exactly what they want.

Now the real piece of journalism would have actually been to have ordered it and filmed armed police turn up on their doorstep?

I bet if I ordered what I just searched for on Amazon I could be in Belmarsh before you could say where’s my tea towel, or perhaps have my data footprint sucked into GCHQ on a perpetual basis.

And didn’t we see this on Seven?

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