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Workshop inspection – £20

If repaired within ½ hour, or redeemable against quoted repair bill £20

XP / Vista to Linux conversion – £30

Call out/On-site domestic rates
I charge £30 for a call out, which covers 30 minutes on-site within the Totnes area.

If I cannot fix your PC/Laptop in the half hour, I’ll quote you for the work required.
Or first hour including call out £40, then £20 for each additional hour.

Call out/On-site business rates
I charge £40 for a call out, which covers 30 minutes on-site.

If I cannot fix your PC/Laptop in the half hour, I’ll quote you for the work required.
Or first hour including call out £50, then £50 for each additional hour.

Invoices to businesses where credit is given on the basis of 30 days. Late payment after the products or services have been supplied will be surcharge at the UK Government statutory rate. Which is 8% plus the Bank of England rate.

Consultancy (Performance Hosting / New Media / Campaign Planning)
£50 per hour on-site and for written report time

PC Servicing

  • PC wipe & reload – back to factory £50 on 2-3 day turnaround
    • Reinstall operating system to factory settings and installation of ‘Libra Office, Firefox, Chrome, VLC media player’
  • Our guide price for a hardware repair is typically £70 plus the component costs for a ‘complicated’ and successful repair.
  • PC photos and documents only – backup and restore
    • £20-£50 depending on how much data and how simple
  • Return home visit with a repaired computer or device, install printer, plug in, general chat – up to an hour £20

Additional cost examples:

  • Outlook Express backup and restore £15
  • Outlook backup and restore £20
  • HMG PAYE backup and restore £20
  • Quicken/Sage/Money Manager etc backup and restore £20
  • Laptop screen replacement cost + £50
  • Laptop display cable replacement (often flickering screen) £30 if < 1/2 hour, £70 if more + costs cable (assumes 3 hours)
  • Laptop power socket socket replacement £70 + socket/board cost
  • Laptop keyboard replacement cost + workshop time from £15 depending on complexity
  • Hard Disk Clone only £35
  • Factory, Microsoft Update patches & Hard Disk Clone £60
  • Networking and WiFi setup pricing on request
  • Macintosh work pricing on request
  • Workshop £20 per half hour

Bought a new laptop?

  • Configured to use your Internet at your home
  • Old files transferred from your old laptop
  • Symantec Extra Speedy Antivirus removed and Avast etc installed
  • DVD recovery disks made for you
  • Setup to use old printer
  • Windows 7/8 “backup” to external hard drive set up

New PC setup as above £50, reformat your old laptop so you can give it to another member of your family £25 (up to two weeks turn-around terms.)

The Google Apps for Business Package for start-ups £100 first year, subsequent years £60 at present time :

  • registered for two years
  • registered for two years
  • 5 page self-edit web site on exising WordPress template
  • Google Apps Gmail setup
  • Logo design for web and letterheaded stationary & signage + IRO £100 (Cardium Design /
  • 6 page custom designed site theme + IRO £300 (Cardium Design /
  • Minimum contract term two years

This setup allows you to synchronise your iPhone/Android/Blackberry phone’s: Contacts and calendar. However it is important to note that the integration is poor on both the iPhone and Blackberry smartphones, as both assume that your private and company share the same contacts and diary events….

Only Android devices allow you to separate contacts and calendars. So you can have multiple address books on your phone, but you search and dial as a single book. Multiple calendars are viewed together but as different colours. (As at April 2012)

Why does this matter? Because in reality work is becoming more complex and many self-employed are becoming portfolio people with multiple commitments, but still need their own “quiet” time. Apple and Blackberry appear to assume you belong to the company… My lord, you might have friends outside the company that have nothing to do with work, that you might want to backup before you leave that particular slave camp.

Tutorials on your own PC or web site build with you:

  • 1/2 hour prepared planned session
  • At your own pace at your home £30 or my workshop £25 for two or more people.
  • Includes typed up notes
  • Total session time one and a half hour
  • See Courses for details

Distributed working for small businesses

  • Create a remote distribution strategy
  • Your key work files are automatically shared with your coworkers
  • Using DropBox with BoxCryptor encryption if required
  • BitTorrent Sync configuration as alternative to DropBox
  • £50 per hour for configuration

Out of hours support including Saturday
£10 per hour extra

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