August 2018 SIM only phone deals

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Writings from the beyond Totnes, two great phone deals I’ve spotted today:

Smarty, a virtual SIM only mobile phone network which has partnered with the 3 Network which isn’t bad in the Totnes area.

The first 12 people to click on the Smarty link above will get a free month!

Here is the deal, the base package is £7.50 per month, unlimited calls and text +2GB of data. But the difference with this GiffGaff challenger is the data component rolls over to the nearest megabyte of data if you do not use it! Yes, unused data rolls into next month!

Now it does not stop with the roll over. Running out of your data allowance from any other network provider is either capped or prohibitively expensive to extend. Smarty on the other hand is dead simple: run out of data, the next GB is £1.25.

They could have also called the company, but that’s probably a bit long to type in and not very memorable.

Next up is Virgin! “Possibly the data contract in the world”, actually I exaggerate a little. But certainly the best for Totnes as it’s on EE.

Their Pay Monthly SIM only 12 month contract on the EE network, which is the best in Totnes has the following deals until the end of August 2018

2500 mins Unlimited texts 30GB (Normally 10 GB) – £16
5000 mins Unlimited texts 100GB – £20

The 100GB appears to be a new product which will be £30 after the promotional period?…

Cheers Mark

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